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About The Latino Commission on AIDS

The Latino Commission on AIDS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting the spread of HIV & AIDS in the Latino community.

In response to the critical, unmet need for HIV prevention and care for Latinos, a coalition of Latino leaders founded the agency in 1990. The Commission is dedicated to resolving the HIV crisis in the Latino community, where social stigma, poverty, language barriers, immigration status fears, and access to care, deter testing and increase the infection rate and through its extensive network works to mobilize an effective Latino community response to the health crisis created by HIV & AIDS.

The Commission's public health model encompasses five core and complementary services, provided in English and Spanish by a culturally diverse bilingual staff of health, education and business professionals across more than 40 State and Puerto Rico.

  • Health Education
  • HIV Prevention
  • Capacity Building Assistance
  • Advocacy & Awareness
  • Hispanic Health Behavioral Research

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Your Contributions Have Helped The Commission To

Promote Awareness

Contributions have supported over a decade of National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (NLAAD), a social marketing campaign occurring annually on October 15th

Develop Leadership

Contributions helped to establish the Deep South Program which addresses the needs of emerging Latino populations in the U.S. southern states by developing leadership within the community

Support Communities

Contributions have sustained culturally and linguistically appropriate outreach programs to Latino gay men and Latinas throughout New York, proving important prevention, support and testing services

Speak our Language

Contributions helped to launch and have sustained the first Spanish-language treatment education initiative offering health education and training in Spanish to HIV treatment professionals

  • "Reunion Latina (a training institute of the Commission) has provided a forum to expose the challenges and needs that transgender individuals."

    Michele Sosa

  • "We learn so much at the educational workshop that we receive in Latinos D, just like the person who is presenting is learning from us too. And even better, all workshops are facilitated in a friendly, safe and confidential environment and all presentations are in Spanish."

    Oscar Rodolfo Alas

    Client and Volunteer of Latinos D
  • This is a space where people share their feelings and thoughts about living with HIV/AIDS. As a member, I am constantly looking forward for presentations that meet the needs and expectations of our community."

    Julio Serrano

    Member of Poder Latino